Pi Newspaper (London, 2012)


2016: National Poetry Competition (UK)
2015: British Library Challenge
2015: Forward Prize for Best Single Poem
Nominated by Wasafiri Magazine
2014: Poetry Book Society National Student Poetry Competition
Highly Commended
2013: Poetry Book Society National Student Poetry Competition
2012: Pushcart Prize
Nominated by fwriction : review
2011: National University of Singapore Creative Writing Competition
First Place and Three Honourable Mentions
2011: British Council ‘History & the City’ Competition
First Place

Credit: Poached Magazine (Singapore, 2013)

Credit: Poached Magazine (Singapore, 2013)


Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (April 2016, interview)
National Library Board (April 2016, commission)
Poetry Society (December 2015, feature)
SG Asia City (November 2015, press)
Kitaab (November 2015, interview)
Eye/Feel/Write (November 2015, commission)
Popspoken (October 2015, press)
The Smart Local (October 2015, feature)
The Straits Times (September 2015, press)
Chan Hampe Galleries (August 2015, commission)
Kitaab: The Lounge Chair Interview (March 2015, interview)
Marie France Asia (March 2015, feature)
Design Says Hello (March 2015, interview)
Obscured (March 2015, interview)
TrendLit #3 (February 2015, interview)
联合早报 (January 2015, press)
Singapore @ Heart (December 2014, interview)
Time Out Singapore (October 2014, feature)
Wasafiri Literary Magazine (September 2014, commission)
The Straits Times (August 2014, press)
Poached Magazine (August 2014, feature)
Singapore Poetry (May 2014, feature)
National Arts Council’s New Voices of Singapore 2014 (April 2014, feature)
Youth.SG (March 2014, interview)
Wallflowers Magazine (February 2014, interview)
Singapore Poetry (January 2014, feature)
Southeast Asia Globe (January 2014, feature)
United Kingdom Singapore Student Council (December 2013, interview)
The Urban Wire (November 2013, press)
The Straits Times (November 2013, press)
The Ridge (November 2013, interview)
The Tab London (October 2013, interview)
Poached Magazine (Part 2, October 2013, interview)
Poached Magazine (Part 1, September 2013, interview)
Poetry Society (UK) (July 2013, feature)
I-S Magazine (June 2013, feature)
The Tab London (November 2012, interview)
Pi Magazine (October 2012, interview)
Overseas Singaporean Unit (September 2012, interview)
Singapore Memory Project (August 2012, feature)
The Substation Love Letters Project (July 2012, feature)

Substation Jerrold Yam

Substation Love Letters Project 2012


ASINGBOL: An Archaelogy of the Singaporean Poetic Form by Squircle Line Press (Three poems)
Inheritance: An Anthology by Math Paper Press (Inheritance)
Who Are You My Country? by Landmark Books (How to Pay for Dinner)
Lines Spark Code by Ethos Books (Route)
We Contain Multitudes: Twelve Years of Softblow by Epigram Books (Picasso)
SG Poems 2015-2016 by Ethos Books (Still Life: MRT)
A Luxury We Must Afford by Math Paper Press (Success)
In Transit by Math Paper Press (Throne, Trajectory)
This is Not a Safety Barrier by Ethos Books (Still Life, Success)
Eye/Feel/Write: Experiments in Ekphrasis by Squircle Line Press (The Tailor, The Figure, The Artist)
From Walden to Woodlands by Ethos Books (Inheritance, Narcissus Imprisoned, Walk)
UNION: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore by Ethos Books (Picasso)
A Luxury We Cannot Afford by Math Paper Press (Rhetoric)
SingPoWriMo by Math Paper Press (Apartment)
Manoa Vol. 26 No. 1 by University of Hawai‘i Press (Acquaintance, Visitor)
Fatherhood by Emma Press (Ornament)
Kulit: Asian Literature For The Language Classroom Volume 2 by Pearson (Chocolate)
Writing the Walls Down by Trans-Genre Press (Communion, Gift, Invincible, Police, Psalm)
At the Table: Words of Faith by Glover Lane Press (Audition, Communion, Genesis)
Off the Rocks Anthology by NewTown Writers (Compass)
Family Matters by Nivasini Publishers (Drug, Horse, Womb)
Mildly Erotic Verse by Emma Press (Prize)
Petua: Tales & Superstitions by Visual Inconsideration (Not Answering Grandma)
Ayam Curtain by Math Paper Press (Conspiracy, Independence, Ornithology)
Moving Words by The Literary Centre (Radius in an MRT)


Washington Square Review, Issue 30 (New York, 2012)


Oxford Poetry Summer 2017 (Favours)

Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 15 No. 4 (Pulse)
Hayden’s Ferry Review Issue 57 (Trajectory)
Cartridge Lit Intersections Temple Issue (Manual for Starter Pokemon, Pallet Town)

Kyoto Journal Issue 84 (茶室 Tearoom)
Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction Issue 4 (Childhood Dissertation)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 14 No. 3 (Anatomy of the iPhone 6)
Afterglobe No. 2 (Triptych)
Drunken Boat Issue 21 (Communion, Scenes from 1965)
The Ofi Press April 2015 (Walk)
The Scribbler March 2015 (1945)
Don’t Do It Magazine Issue 8 (Apprentice, Eavesdrop)
Literature Today Vol. 2 (Ornament)

Cadaverine Magazine Decemeber 2014 (Bread)
Silk v Brief Winter 2014 (Apartment, Intruder)
Coldnoon: Travel Poetics (Flat 215, Memoir)
Winter Tangerine Review Imaginary Homelands Feature (Blueprint)
Wilde Magazine Erotica Issue 2014 (Eavesdrop)
The Gap-Toothed Madness (Triptych, Picasso in Ten Lines)
Softblow June 2014 (Picasso)
Silk v Brief Summer 2014 (Dragonfly, Gentleman, Invincible)
Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction Issue 2 (Doppelgänger)
Poetry Pacific Spring 2014 (Horse, Scab)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 13 No. 2 (Urine)
Bare Fiction Issue 2 (Cardiologist)
Prairie Schooner Fusion #8 (Acquaintance, Archaeology)
Afterglobe No. 1 (Intruder)
Strong Verse January 2014 (Doorbell, Eavesdrop, Gentleman, Urine)
The Scribbler Issues 1 to 3 (Curse, Eavesdrop, Moving)
Eastlit January 2014 (Portrait of 1965 – Five Poems)

Silk v Brief Winter 2013 (Championship, Memoir, Protagonist)
Minetta Review Fall 2013 (Kettle)
OF ZOOS November 2013 (Bread)
Axon: Creative Explorations Issue 5 (Darwin, Horse, Scab)
Ceriph Issue 6 (Ego)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol. 12 No. 4 (Blueprint)
Miracle Issue 7 (Pendulum)
Tower Journal Vol. 6 No. 1 (Bread, Castle, Geyser, Kettle, Snow)
Galavant Magazine Issue 2 (Photograph)
Ink, Sweat & Tears October 2013 (Bread)
September 2013 (Celebration, Trajectory)
Birkbeck Writers’ Hub September 2013 (Acquaintance, Celebration)
Coldnoon: Travel Poetics Issue 2.4 (Archaeology, Climb, Flight, Resemblance, Routine, Trajectory)
Emerge Literary Journal Summer 2013 (Ornament)
Cleaver Magazine Issue 3 (Picasso in Ten Lines, Snow)
Camroc Press Review August 2013 (Drug, Intruder, Routine)
Ofi Press Magazine Issue 31 (Hotel)
Nostrovia! Poetry July 2013 (Invincible, Pendulum)
Kumquat Poetry July 2013 (Geyser, Kettle, Picasso in Ten Lines)
Full of Crow July 2013 (Geyser)
Brevity Poetry Review Issue 9 (Blueprint)
Lunch Ticket Summer/Fall 2013 (Memoir)
Lines + Stars Spring 2013 (Picasso II)
Wilde Magazine Spring 2013 (Calendar)
Third Coast Spring 2013 (Acquaintance)
Right Hand Pointing (Castle, Geyser, Snow)
Black Heart Magazine April 2013 (Compass, Crop, Fence)
Counterexample Poetics April 2013 (An Examinable Subject, Castle, Geyser, Picasso in Ten Lines, Snow)
The Camel Saloon April 2013 (Triptych, Picasso in Ten Lines)
Prick of the Spindle Vol. 7.1 (Intruder)
Silk v Brief Summer 2013 (Routine)
Antiphon Poetry Magazine Issue 6, Winter 2013 (Ornament)
Dear Wallflowers January 2013 (Acquaintance)
Petua January 2013 (Not Answering Grandma)
pressboardpress January 2013 (Confessional, Pendulum, Silhouette)
The New Poet Issue 4 (Blueprint)

Flutter Poetry Journal Winter 2012 (Intruder)
Silk v Brief Winter 2012 (Blueprint: Birth)
Eunoia Review November 2012 (Alias, Curse, Forensic, Invincible and Saliva)
nether magazine September 2012 (Anniversary of Leaves, Countrysides in a City)
Reprint Poetry September 2012 (Things We Mistake For Vows)
Washington Square Review Issue 30, Summer/Fall 2012 (Hotel)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore July 2012 (Dragonfly)
fwriction : review July 2012 (Acquaintance; Archaeology; Trinity)
Poetry Quarterly Winter/Summer 2012 (Prayer; Inheritance; Silhouette)
OF ZOOS April 2012 (Superstition; Times Are Changing; AAAAA; Mirage)
The Enchanting Verses Literary Review March 2012 (Animal; Bath)
Symbal Magazine February 2012 (Coma)
Quantum Poetry Magazine February 2012 (Bargain)

Mascara Literary Review October 2011 (Inheritance; Commencement; Visitor)
Ceriph Issue 4: The White Issue, October 2011 (Narcissus, Imprisoned)
Softblow Poetry Journal October 2011 (Prodigal; II; Morning After; Climb)
Quarterly Literary Review Singapore April 2011 (Diving After Icarus; Freestyle)


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